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Car Rental Albania - Must Know

The country has only one highway connecting cities of Tirana and Durres. They drive on the right in Albania. Car rental is possible with international driving license, money for car hire deposit. Driver should be over 19 (in some companies – over 21) years old.

Souvenirs – ashtray in shape of hopper, wooden kitchen utensils, Albanian national clothes, red lighters and red flags, Korca beer, brandy, rakia, spices or olives.

Traditional food – Shish kebab, Chofte meatballs, Schumlek (stew), Ferges (beef), Growth-mi-salche Qozi (beef), Tave-Cosi, Tave-elbasani (lamb), Kukurech" (meat), Chomlek (beef), Gyuvech, Sarma.

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