10 Places To Visit For FREE in Phuket!


Phuket is a fantastic holiday destination, where you will always find great things to see and to do regardless of weather. Phuket offers its visitors a wide range of various entertainment and beautiful places to see.

We have prepared a list of the best 10 of them, which you can visit absolutely free of charge and save your money!

Phuket 10 Places To Visit For FREE in Phuket!


  • 1. Big Buddha

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Big Buddha statue is located on the top of the hill, which has a height of 350 meters. The statue itself reaches an amazing height of 49 meters! There is also the Big Buddha Temple near the statue. The construction of the temple began in May 2002 and is still ongoing.

Like most temples in Thailand, this one was built exclusively by donations from parishioners. Many people donated money; among them are government officials, businessmen, locals and foreign visitors. You can also help its construction by purchasing souvenirs in the special shop, which is located close to the temple.

  • 2. Karon Beach

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Karon beach, which has a length of 6 kilometers, is one of the loveliest places on the west coast of Phuket. It has everything for excellent relaxation: pure white sand, clear water with an emerald hue, romantic gazebo and bridges on the waterfront.

During the rainy season, Karon Beach attracts surfers from around the world due its high waves. You can join them too! All you need is just to rent a surfboard directly at the beach!

  • 3. Wat Chalong

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Wat Chalong is one of 31 temples of Phuket. It is also one of the largest and most popular temples among tourists.

Please, notice that all visitors of the Buddhist temples must wear clothes which would cover their shoulders and knees.

  • 4. Jungceylon Complex Fountain

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Jungceylon is one of the largest malls in Phuket, which has more than 300 shops and can offer a wide range of fashion apparel, accessories, shoes, cosmetics, gifts, electronics and sporting goods.

The Jungceylon is also popular for its singing fountains. You can enjoy its fantastic shows every evening at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.

  • 5. Phromthep Cape

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The Phromthep Cape is the most southern point of Phuket that offers you spectacular scenery and views of the ocean. There is an active lighthouse at the Phromthep Cape and not far from here there is a place of worship the gods surrounded by hundreds of large and small figurines of elephants.

The best time for visiting the cape it just before the sunset to admire a truly wonderful view and take some great pictures!

  •  6. Bangla Road

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Bangla Road is the main destination of all clubbers in Phuket. It is a home for a large number of small shops, pubs, discos and nightclubs. You won’t find here crowds of people in the daytime, because of heat. Only some stores are open for visitors, but with the sunset the road becomes busy and crowded.

Everywhere you look there are cheerful companies of friends that come here to spend evening full of fun and joy. At the Bangla Road there are numerous places to watch different shows from striptease to Thai boxing. The Bangla Road calms down only in the morning.

  • 7. Phuket Old Town

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Phuket Old Town is located in the heart of the island away from the beaches and tourist areas. The Old Town has its own unique atmosphere that fascinates at the first glance with its old buildings, small lovely cafes and authentic trading houses.

The good news is that there aren’t crowds of tourists and noisy bars and annoying sellers. That’s why you won’t be bothered by anyone while exploring this district.

  • 8. Two Heroines Monument

rentalcars24h phuket8 10 Places To Visit For FREE in Phuket!

Two Heroines Monument is dedicated to two sisters Chan and Mook, who managed to organize the defense of island during the Burmese invasion in 1785. The monument is created to perpetuate the feat of the Phuket women who fought side by side with men during these dramatic events.

The Two Heroines Monument is located 6 km from the town of Thalang close to the road. The most convenient way to see it is to drive there by your car rental vehicle.

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A little Phuket Songthaew Bus trip is a great way to explore the island and to get acquainted with the local people. These buses have blue color and wooden benches inside.

You won’t find any bus stops; all you need is to catch the Songthaew Bus only with a wave of the hand. The same situation is when you want to get off the bus. Just ring the special bell.

  • 10. Kathu Mining Museum

rentalcars24h phuket10 10 Places To Visit For FREE in Phuket!

Visit Kathu Mining Museum allows learning everything about the extraction of ore in Phuket! The museum was opened in early 2011 on the territory of the former tin mine. It has very diverse exhibitions among which are household objects of Chinese settlers, Thai coins, bills and even a special room dedicated to the solar system.

The major exhibition of the museum will tell you about ancient technologies of the ore mining. Actually, the museum is very interesting with many colorful and detailed layouts, so you won’t regret having visited it.

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