10 Ways To Start Traveling Right Now!


We all try to earn more money in the hope of setting off to exotic countries, on distant islands, or explore some interesting corners of the world.

It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t like to travel! But unfortunately not everyone has the funds to do it, to make dreams become reality.

Somehow, most of us think that the journey is only affordable to rich people.

Do not believe it! Anyone can travel. You just need to know how.

The first thought coming to our mind is that travel may result in heavy expenses. “No, I definitely can’t afford it!” And we stay at home year after year…

But the truth is that you can travel around the world without spending huge amounts of money from your wallet and credit cards!

Now we are going to reveal the main the secret ways to travel on a budget!

  • 1. CouchSurfing

The first and most popular way of traveling is, of course, CouchSurfing.

How does it work? It’s very simple. You need to register on their official website, and find people which are ready to provide you an accommodation in the city you are going to visit.

Upon arrival you are greeted and accommodated in their house so you won’t need to worry about booking a hotel or a hostel.

 Couchserfing 10 Ways To Start Traveling Right Now!

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  • 2. Hitchhiking

rentalcars24h blog travel now2 10 Ways To Start Traveling Right Now!Using this way you will be able to travel the world almost penniless. Thousands of books and guides are dedicated to hitchhiking.

All you need is to raise your hand and be an optimist.

But be careful! Nowadays, this way of travelling became also very dangerous. So, be sure not to travel alone and listen to your intuition when getting into a stranger’s car!

  • 3. Conservation Volunteers

Another no less popular organization aiming at the development of eco-tourism is Conservation Volunteers.

If you are ready to join the ranks of volunteers dealing with the protection of nature, don’t hesitate and start to act discovering the most incredible places in the world!

  • 4. WWOOF

Willing to work on a farm for 6 hours per day anywhere in the world?

All you need is just to fill in the form expressing your desire to work in the fields. After a while, one of the farmers would be willing to provide accommodation and food for work.

But be sure, you will have more than enough time for traveling in the chosen region!

  • 5. Organize your own tourist group

group 10 Ways To Start Traveling Right Now!We are not talking about working as a tourist guide!

But there is an option by many travel agencies which consists in providing different discounts on airfare and hotels if you make the booking for the whole group of people.

Its’ a cool opportunity to spend a great vacation in the cheerful company and make new friends!

You can invite your acquaintances or just post it in social networks to find more like-minded people.

  • 6. Help Exchange

If you like spending your time outdoors gardening, driving the boat or taking care of pets, it’s definitely the best opportunity for you!

Members of this organization will gladly provide you with accommodation and food, in exchange for your help.

  • 7. Peace Corps

If you are searching for a unique chance to live and work in a foreign country, there is a chance to be involved in this volunteer organization which is engaged in the first place in saving the environment.

You will be able not only go abroad, but also to build your career. Contract with Peace Corps is usually signed for 27 months, but it can be changed eventually.

Detailed information you can find here www.peacecorps.gov.

  • 8. Turtle Teams

turtle teams 10 Ways To Start Traveling Right Now!This is the name of organization which includes thousands of small groups around the world.

They are engaged in helping sea turtles, which are on the verge of extinction. Main regions of activity of this organization are Caribbean Sea, the Atlantic and the Pacific.

Have you ever dreamed of visiting these miraculous places? Just check out their official website to find out more www.seaturtles.org.

  • 9. Work in a hostel

Many budget hotels are willing to provide free accommodation and a modest salary in exchange for cleaning, assistance in accommodating guests or work the night shift.

So if you aren’t afraid of some extra work, you can spend a couple of weeks or even months discovering the city you like and working at the same time.

  • 10. Trip Leader for HF Holidays

Trip Leader for HF Holidays is one of the most well known organizations in Europe for those who like hiking.

Unforgettable emotions and aesthetic enjoyment of the beauties of European landscapes are guaranteed!

Ok, now you know how to get abroad on a budget and live there almost for free.

  • And what about cheap eats?

Check out the new saviour for eating cheaply, but in elegant and unique way, – EatWith!

This service provides you an unforgettable dining experience with locals all over the world. You need to register and choose a meal and a company you like in any town.

Eatwith 10 Ways To Start Traveling Right Now!

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Now you have all the information to travel with pleasure and enjoy the world without limits!

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