25 Bizarre Driving Laws All Over The World


Have you heard about the weirdest laws for drivers?

You should definitely learn more about them. Look through our list of bizarre driving laws and you will be impressed!

25 Driving Laws 25 Bizarre Driving Laws All Over The World


  • 1. Alaska

rentalcars24h bizzare driving laws 25 Bizarre Driving Laws All Over The WorldIf you’ve ever wanted to travel to Alaska, then you should know that in this state, there is a law prohibiting drivers to tie a dog to the roofs of their cars.

So, traveling with your beloved pet, don’t even think about doing it as it may result in difficulties with the law.


  • 2. Germany

Being in Germany, always watch the level of fuel in your car, since it’s not allowed to drive with low fuel on autobahns. Who knows, maybe it’s reasonable from the standpoint of road safety, taking into account German thoroughness in everything they do.


  • 3. San Francisco

rentalcars24h bizzare driving laws1 25 Bizarre Driving Laws All Over The WorldWhat do you usually wash your car with? If you do it with your used underwear, be careful because you may be fined for doing that in San Francisco. There is a really weird law prohibiting washing a car with used underwear!

Nothing special, just for your reference.


  • 4. Russia

Do you plan to travel to Russia? In this case you need to know about one very important law aimed at prohibiting drivers from being behind the wheel of a dirty car, even despite the fact that many roads in Russia are far from being in excellent condition.

Well, rules are made to be broken.


  • 5. Cyprus

rentalcars24h bizzare driving laws2 25 Bizarre Driving Laws All Over The WorldIn Cyprus, try not to eat or drink anything while driving a car. You should notice that there is a driving law aimed at road safety disallowing to eat anything being behind the wheel.

Talking about drinking we imply even plain water. The reason of such strictness may consist in the intention to avoid driver distraction.


  • 6. Ohio

Don’t even plan to drive around the town square of Ohio more than 100 times not having a ticket! There is a law stating about it. A quite weird thing to do, but who knows in what a strange way you may be punished.


  • 7. Denmark

rentalcars24h bizzare driving laws4 25 Bizarre Driving Laws All Over The WorldChildren believe in monsters under the bed. And it is suspected that the Danes believe in monsters living under their vehicles! This explains the existence of a law providing for the need to make sure that there is nothing under your car before driving.

But seriously speaking this law exists to prevent animals from being hit by car.


  • 8. Florida

If you have your own elephant used as a means of transportation, be sure not to park it anywhere in Florida. An elephant left on a parking lot will need to pay for its use. So you’d better leave this little animal at home and come here by car.


  • 9. California

In California and Tennessee it’s illegal to shoot animals out the car window, unless it’s a whale. Why such an injustice to this cute and harmless animals!


  • 10. Singapore

rentalcars24h bizzare driving laws6 25 Bizarre Driving Laws All Over The WorldWhat the width of a roads in Singapore should be, if there exists a law prohibiting the drivers from approaching pedestrians at a distance of less than 50 meters!

It must be difficult to do this, watching every single pedestrian.


  • 11. Nevada

Not having found anything more suitable for your travel, you decide to bridle your trusty camel and hit the road. But you will be disappointed when you hear that in Nevada it’s forbidden to ride a camel on a highway! Now, all plans about traveling with all the comfort are down the drain.


  • 12. New Jersey

rentalcars24h bizzare driving laws61 25 Bizarre Driving Laws All Over The WorldEveryone knows that sometimes police officers are far from being nice, and one just feels like to mock or frown at them. But don’t do it being in New Jersey! It’s considered to be a crime there.

Probably they hadn’t enough crimes, so they have just decided to invent new ones.


  • 13. Spain

How many pairs of glasses can you wear at once? However, you need to have an extra pair of them in your car. Such a precautionary measure exists in Spain to ensure traffic safety.


  • 14. Great Britain

rentalcars24h bizzare driving laws3 25 Bizarre Driving Laws All Over The WorldHave you ever heard about the driving law of Great Britain which states that all hackney carriages must carry a bale of hay and a bag of oats? It belongs to the most bizarre ones.

Let’s hope that all the British will follow it.


  • 15. Alabama

If you have a lack of extreme in your life and want to try the blindfolded driving, you might be fined in Alabama. But don’t worry, just go abroad and try it there.


  • 16. Illinois

In Illinois, you can’t change clothes inside a car except in case of fire. So, take note if you want to change clothes set fire to your car a little bit and start doing that. When you’re done, just take advantage of a fire extinguisher.


  • 17. Massachusetts

rentalcars24h bizzare driving laws11 25 Bizarre Driving Laws All Over The WorldIn Massachusetts, it’s forbidden to drive with a monkey in a car. You will be fined for doing that.

So, if you possess this clever animal, it’s better if you transport it in some other way.


  • 18. Some Spanish Cities

Maybe it’s a superstition, but no other reason comes to one’s mind at the thought of this strange traffic law. The thing is that in some Spanish cities it’s allowed to park only on the side of the road where houses bear uneven numbers.


  • 19. Montana

rentalcars24h bizzare driving laws12 25 Bizarre Driving Laws All Over The WorldAnother no less confusing law about animal treatment. This time it’s in Montana. So, it says that it’s a crime to leave a sheep unescorted in a truck.

Sheep owners, pay your attention to it!


  • 20. Pennsylvania

Traveling along the country roads at night in Pennsylvania must be really difficult! You are undoubtedly curious why. The reason is that the local law seriously impedes driving in such kind of locality. The thing is that according to the law every driver must stop every mile and detonate a rocket signal to warn animals.


  • 21. Missouri

In Missouri, it’s prohibited to honk the horn of the car if you are not a driver. So, before taking passengers, ask them not even try to do that. Police officers of this land are used to be really strict with all violators.


  • 22. Georgia

rentalcars24h bizzare driving laws13 25 Bizarre Driving Laws All Over The WorldAnother bizarre driving law we’ve found in Georgia. It says that it’s not allowed to drive through playgrounds.

Well, it goes without saying, but the Georgians decided to emphasize it once again in order to avoid bad consequences.


  • 23. Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, there is a strange law restricting reading a comic book while driving. Why exactly them? Maybe you can get carried away by the plot and get in a car accident… so, you’d better choose some other reading matter.


  • 24. Ohio

rentalcars24h bizzare driving laws14 25 Bizarre Driving Laws All Over The WorldIn Ohio, if you happen to have too many passengers not fitting into the car, don’t make radical decisions and don’t place some of them on the roof of your vehicle.

Yes, the law clearly states that it’s forbidden to carry anyone on the roof of your car.


  • 25. Luxembourg

And the last bizarre law we are about to tell you exists in Luxembourg. It says that every car must have windshield wipers, even if there is no windshield at all… a little bit confusing, but maybe the law provides its appearance in the nearest future.

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