#1 Sydney Sight To Admire Australian Nature!


rentalcars24h blog sydney park1 #1 Sydney Sight To Admire Australian Nature!You are to make a journey  famous Sydney, but don’t know the best way to spend your time there?

Please, read this post, it will help you to understand and discover many things that allow avoiding common tourists’ mistakes.

Sydney is considered one of the most beautiful tourist destinations of the world.

And not for nothing! In fact, there are so many different attractions.

Of course, while staying here you need to visit the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Tower, Sydney Harbour and the rest of the advertised and touristy places.

rentalcars24h blog sydney park2 #1 Sydney Sight To Admire Australian Nature!

rentalcars24h blog sydney park3 #1 Sydney Sight To Admire Australian Nature!

But still you should make your journey original. Find in this city something for yourself and don’t follow the conventional thinking!

If you want to see Sydney from the other side, then walk through non-tourist streets. The first thing that comes to mind is a usual cafe. Here, as nowhere else, you will be able to watch how the residents of Sydney live and spend their free time.

rentalcars24h blog sydney park4 #1 Sydney Sight To Admire Australian Nature!Taking a car, do not miss the opportunity to ride to the outskirts of Sydney, enjoying the scenery of this unique continent.

To avoid getting lost, be sure to hire a car with GPS and move along predetermined routes.

Taking into account the climate of Sydney, it would be better to rent a car with air conditioning. So your trip will be filled with comfort.

  • One of the loveliest places in Sydney where you can really relax from the noisy center is the Royal National Park.

It was opened in 1879, and is the second oldest park in the world after the famous Yellowstone. That’s where you can go with a rental car.

Many Australians consider it the pride of the city. And it’s not in vain! Having spent here only a few hours, you will be able to make sure of this.

The park represents beautiful Australian nature in all its manifestations. The area of ​​over 15 hectares is inhabited by unique species of native flora and fauna, some of which are on the verge of extinction.

rentalcars24h blog sydney park511 #1 Sydney Sight To Admire Australian Nature!rentalcars24h blog sydney park9 #1 Sydney Sight To Admire Australian Nature!

How can you get here? The answer to this question is pretty simple. With car rental in Sydney you will be able easily and quickly move along and across the city and its environs.

Royal National Park is just 30 kilometers from the city center. Therefore, the whole way will take about 20-25 minutes.

On entering the territory of the park you need to buy a ticket. Tickets can be purchased for one car, and they are valid during the whole day. It is very convenient, because usually people want to wander here at least a half a day.

The first impression is that you find yourself in the wilderness. And it’s all because Australians take care of this park, and the plants here feel completely safe.

Royal National Park landscape is very diverse – from coastal cliffs and small cozy bays to the ancient highland plateaus and deep river valleys.

rentalcars24h blog sydney park6 #1 Sydney Sight To Admire Australian Nature!rentalcars24h blog sydney park7 #1 Sydney Sight To Admire Australian Nature!

There are many trails in the park. It’s very easy to get lost! Therefore, it remains only to focus on pointers. It’s like in a totally different world here. No noise of the city, no dust. This place is absolutely calm and pleasant.

Paths in the Royal Park are very comfortable. Not to disturb the vegetation, they are laid with wooden and metal decking. The main trail goes along the coast.

rentalcars24h blog sydney park8 #1 Sydney Sight To Admire Australian Nature!The park is a home to a large number of birds and animals of various species.

Fishing lovers will be surely pleased by great bite. They will be able to sit with a fishing rod on the rocks or on the beach.

Fans of water sports will be delighted with surfing, sailing trips or boating.

In the park there are numerous stalls where you can buy high-quality products, as well as cafes, offering visitors a wide selection of dishes and drinks.

rentalcars24h blog sydney park10 #1 Sydney Sight To Admire Australian Nature!

Of course, you should reach the famous waterfalls Winifred. It’s a cascade of several small waterfalls.

This place strikes with its coziness and it’s very hard to leave it.

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