TOP 10 Cheapest Cities in the World to Visit in 2015!


As you know, each of us is accustomed to certain life conditions considered as optimal. But would you like to know what you can afford for your money in different parts of the Earth?

And it doesn’t matter where you live, you’ll always be interested in the cost of living in the other cities.

We have prepared for you a “secret” list with the cheapest tourist destinations in the world!

So make yourself comfortable and get ready to learn where you can save your money!

10 MC TOP 10 Cheapest Cities in the World to Visit in 2015!


Pattaya is not only a popular resort in Thailand, but also is one of the cheapest destinations in the world! Lunch or dinner (of 2 courses) at an average street café will cost you not more than $8-10.

Drive few kilometers on the “tuk-tuk” for about 30 cents or take an air conditioned taxi for $4-8.

  • Goa, India

Goa is one of the best places if you love warm sun, sandy beaches and crystal-clear water! Besides, the prices will please you too: a bottle of water is almost the cheapest in Asia and costs only 36 cents.

Accommodation prices vary from $3,5 to $6 for budget option.

Budapest is the best way to enjoy gorgeous medieval architecture and feel like in Paris, but unlike Paris, the prices here are much lower!

1 night in a hotel (standard room) will cost you not more than $20-25. And for several kilometers by taxi you’ll have to pay about $2-4.

Endless beaches and a plenty of entertainments – these are the main features of Penang! Food prices are very affordable – 2-corse lunch + bottle of water (0.33l) costs only $6-8.

Fast-food is a bit cheaper: $2-3

If you want to explore the city with a rich history, Poznan is a great choice! By the way, you don’t have to spend a lot of money here.

Standard accommodation will cost you not more than $30, dinner for 1 person (inexpensive restaurant) – $6.

Johannesburg is a great place to drive around and enjoy amazing landscapes! If you are going to travel using a rental car, gasoline price will make you happy – only $11 for 10liters, so the traffic is also not very high – 43%.

Taxi will cost you about $5-6 for several kilometers.

Brno is not only the cultural center of Czech Republic, but it’s also a nice sight to spend several days with your family.

Even the prices contribute to this: 1 night in the average hotel will cost you about $18-25, for 2-course lunch you’ll have to pay $9-14.

What is Larnaca? Imagine: 25km of beaches, warm sunny climate and stunning scenery, plus is not expensive accommodation and cheap food prices!

If you want to stay here for 1 night, just prepare $16-20 for a budget option, and if you get hungry, even $8 can save you!

Athens is the cradle of Western culture and one of the most exciting places in the world.

But despite this, if you are going to visit it, you won’t have to spend much money: taxi price is only $5, fast-food meal – $8-9, a bottle of cola (0,33l) is $1,3. 1 night in a 2-star hotel will cost you about $13-18

Paphos is a relax-capital of Cyprus. The best beaches and entertainments are concentrated here!

So, this city is enough affordable for everyone and you’ll be pleasantly surprised about the prices: dine only for $11 and drink only for $1,38.

Now stop losing your money on expensive resorts! This TOP 10 list will provide you with cheap memorable vacations for a whole year!

P.S. Renting a car in these cities is also cheap as nowhere else. Take advantage of it! 😉

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