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Love chocolate? Can’t you imagine your life without a piece of chocolate every day? You have found exactly the post you need! Here you will learn interesting facts about chocolate itself and the cities where you can taste the best chocolate in the world!

Many people don’t eat chocolate at all, because they think that it has many different adverse effects on human organism. But almost all such “chocolate myths” are false. You should know that:

– consumption of chocolate does not contribute to weight gain, of course, if you don’t eat chocolate in enormous quantities;

– chocolate is not bad for your teeth, and it is not conducive to caries;

– chocolate is not a cause of acne.

In fact, chocolate is very useful, so don’t hesitate any minute, choose one of the TOP 10 chocolate destinations and go on a journey with! For your convenience, we have prepared links allowing you to rent a car in each of the following cities. Look for the links at the end of the paragraphs.

Choco TOP 10 Chocolate Destinations


  • 1. Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is not only the capital of Belgium; it is also the “chocolate capital” of the world! Such rich variety of chocolate products as in Brussels, you will not find anywhere else! Belgian chocolate is among the best in the world and many tourists buy it as a souvenir.

This sweetness can be bought in the supermarket or in one of the special shops of Brussels. Chocolates can be sold by weight or be purchased in boxes. You can also choose bright gift box for your friends. Some places you should visit in Brussels:

– Neuhaus Sablon, which is one of the oldest chocolate shops in the city.

– Wittamer Chocolatier, another famous sweet-shop more than one hundred years of history.

– Frederik Blondeel, a sweet-shop where you can buy chocolates from the famous chocolatier Frederic Blondel.

– Planete Chocolat, where you will learn everything about chocolate.

– Chocolaterie Zaabar, which gives you great opportunity to create your own chocolate masterpiece!

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  • 2. Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich attracts “chocolate tourists” with its Swiss Chocolate Train, which offers a fantastic daytrip. You will start your little adventure from a cup of excellent coffee and lovely view from the train window. You will see some picturesque Swiss villages and then the first stop, from which a special bus will take you to a cheese factory.

Then again the bus will take you to the other factory. This time it is a chocolate one and a shop, where you’ll be able to buy an amazing Swiss chocolate. In the end of the trip on the Swiss Chocolate Train you will be a happy tourist with delicious Swiss cheese in one hand and delightful Swiss chocolate in the other.

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  • 3. Barcelona, Spain

Museu de la Xocolata in Barcelona is one of the smallest museums of the city, but definitely one of the most delicious. It will take you to the chocolate world where you’ll learn everything about your favorite sweetness! There are also amazing paintings and sculptures made ​​of chocolate. A real chocolate lover will definitely visit this attraction!

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  • 4. Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca in Mexico is like Brussels in Belgium. Oaxaca can offer tourists a lot of sweet-shops, where chocolate can be purchased in different forms and kinds. Each café and restaurant in the city will certainly offer you a chocolate soup, chocolate sauce or at least a hot chocolate. How you can see, Oaxaca is an ideal place for chocolate fans.

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  • 5. San Francisco, California, USA.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory is the oldest factory for the production of chocolate in the U.S. This is one of the few factories that work on the principle of full production cycle from the growing of cocoa beans to producing chocolate sweets. This chocoholic’s dream is located not far from the famous Pier 39, which is an another great attraction in San Francisco.

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  • 6. Villajoyosa, Spain

Valor is the first chocolate factory in Spain. And to this day the Valor is a major chocolate manufacturer in the country, which is famous for its high quality product. The true chocolate lover just can’t visit Spain and don’t try Valor’s chocolate.

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  • 7. New York, USA

New York is a city with a lot of great sweet-shops, where you can buy even real Belgian and French chocolate! Remember these places, because there you will find the most delicious sweetness!

– Richart Design, which offers beautiful and high quality French chocolates.

– Chocolate Bar will delight you not only with chocolate but also with yummy biscuits.

– MarieBelle, which is famous for its chocolate masterpieces.

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  • 8. Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA

The Hershey Company is the largest producer of chocolate bars in North America. The Company has been making a chocolate for over 100 years.  The Hershey chocolate bars were very popular among the American soldiers during the Second World War. Nowadays, the Hershey Company continues to bring joy and happiness to the lives of its consumers by producing quality and delicious chocolate.

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  • 9. Tain L’hermitage, France

A small cozy town Tain L’hermitage is famous among chocolate lovers for the Valrhona Chocolate School. The most talented chocolatiers come into this famed school to learn the secrets of making delicious chocolate. This school is for professionals who are ready to pay about 1000 EUR for three days of studying.

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  • 10. Сologne, Germany

Don’t miss your chance to visit the Imhoff Stollwerck Museum in Cologne, which is one of the main attractions of the whole Germany.  The museum demonstrates the entire history of chocolate production, which has more than thirty centuries of history. It will take you at least 3 hours to see all 2000 exhibits of the museum!

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Now you know what places deserve attention of true chocoholics. Do you want to visit one of them? Make your holidays more comfortable with! Visit our website to book the cheapest car rental vehicle!

Just choose the location you need and make the first step towards your sweet weekend in one of the TOP 10 chocolate destinations!

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