TOP 10 Coffee Destinations In The World


Coffee is one of those drinks that is loved almost by everyone. Every day many of us wake up with a cup of fragrant, strong coffee at breakfast.

For some of us coffee has almost turned into a drug a person simply cannot imagine his or her life without!

In this article we would like to bring to your attention 10 most interesting points on the so-called coffee world map.

rentalcars24h blog top 10 coffee destinations TOP 10 Coffee Destinations In The World

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Have you ever tasted salty coffee?

At first glance it may seem quite incredible and unbelievable. But it’s true! In fact, there is nothing special about this beverage. It’s the same coffee, except that instead of sugar salt is put into it.

Being on this amazing island be sure to try this unique drink, you won’t be disappointed! Just take a risk and you’ll feel wish to prepare the same at home.


rentalcars24h blog coffee1 TOP 10 Coffee Destinations In The World Everyone knows that the coffee culture in Melbourne is just incredibly developed! Coffee has long been an integral part of everyday life in the city.

Being here try piccolo latte. What kind of drink do you think would have such a fancy name?

Its cooking technique is very simple. At first, milk is poured in a cup,  it should make up about 2/3 of the whole amount of the drink. Then the espresso is slowly poured. And finally sugar is put according to your taste.


Havana is a homeland of the famous “coffee cubana”. This sort of coffee has a rich taste and alluring aroma.

True connoisseurs of coffee will be delighted by this divine drink. You will definitely want to learn everything about the process of its preparing to be able to enjoy it at home. But the real taste of this coffee can be experienced only in Cuba.


rentalcars24h blog coffee2 TOP 10 Coffee Destinations In The WorldIn Vienna’s old town you will find many traditional cafes. Here you will learn many things about the culture of the Viennese coffee houses in their original form.

But there is not need to taste coffee in the old town. Frequent visitors of Vienna say that delicious coffee can be found everywhere in this city, even in fast-food outlets.


Seattle is rightly called a paradise for lovers of coffee. The city annually comes out on top in the country not only in terms of coffee consumed, but also in the number of coffee shops per capita.

People here can’t even imagine a friendly or business meeting, or just a lunch break without a cup of coffee. But most of all Seattle is famous for its expertly brewed espresso and cappuccino.

  • 6. NEW YORK, USA

rentalcars24h blog coffee3 TOP 10 Coffee Destinations In The WorldIf you want a little privacy, nooks of New York, namely its cafes, will perfectly suit for it. There it is always cozy in the evening. These places have a flavor of romance and chocolate aroma candles.

It will allow you to move away from the everyday life, focus on talking about something important, find freedom, and find yourself.

  • 7. LONDON, UK

London Coffeehouses are known worldwide. There you can always find all kinds of perfect coffee combined with excellent interior.

This city is a real coffee Mecca for coffee lovers! Here you will be able to taste the best flat white coffee, although it comes from Australia and New Zealand.


In Sydney there has always been a fine selection of coffee. But to learn a little bit more about the history of this drink in this land, you need to take part at Coffee Cruise. It belongs to the best ones in Sydney.

You will be able to visit all main harbor sights, having a great time with interesting people while drinking tasty coffee.

  • 9. ROME, ITALY

In Italy coffee along with wine is the national drink. It is like a cult, like a daily ritual. This is an art and tradition here.

Rome has many cafes with great coffee, so magnificent that you won’t find any similar one nowhere in the world. Being in Rome try local espresso which is really fantastic here!


rentalcars24h blog coffee4 TOP 10 Coffee Destinations In The WorldCoffee of the Indonesian island of Bali has a wonderful taste and quality.

Local residents have long grown coffee as it belongs to their family tradition, passing its secrets down from generation to generation.

This coffee has a special, individual taste, with a touch of chocolate and piquant fruit aroma.

Ans what coffee destination will you choose? 🙂

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