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What is Toronto famous for?  What is worth visiting in this wonderful city?

Toronto is the capital of Ontario province and Canada’s largest city with a population of 4,500,000 people! It is located at the intersection of water and land routes.

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Toronto is also the most multi-cultural city in the country. It is home to immigrants from virtually all countries of the world.

More than a half of country’s current population are immigrants from other countries, and many people still continue to immigrate here from other countries.

In this city you will be able to hear its inhabitants speaking different languages.

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Toronto is also a city of high culture and art. And you will make sure of it very soon upon arrival!

There are, of course, numerous attractions in such a huge city, but our article describes the most valuable thing of this region, namely its unique nature!

Indeed, we could spend hours and hours describing luxurious hotels and shopping malls, but it wouldn’t be right to overlook surroundings of Toronto.

  • Parks of Toronto

Numerous parks are an integral part of Toronto. More detailed consideration shows that they aren’t parks. The thing is that the city is built in the forest, organically fitting into the landscape.

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The largest and the most famous of all the parks is the High Park. It covers an area of ​​more than 160 hectares. On its territory there are amazing creations of gardening art. You will be able to admire gardens growing out of hanging baskets.

The most striking is the fact that the park is inhabited by numerous wild animals, birds and fish. It’s not difficult at all to find a secluded place for a picnic under the old oaks, or just wander among the ferns and the lawns with St. John’s wort.

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  • Lake Ontario

Latitude and longitude: 43.846289, -78.019093

Time of visiting:  3 hours

Great Lake Ontario resembles the blue endless sea. It’s just impossible to imagine Toronto without this lake!

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One of the best ways to spend a summer vacation is to come here, take the pleasure boat and sail on Toronto Island. It’s is actually a group of small islands connected by bridges. Just 15 minutes, and you are on the other bank.

Tourists can enjoy the unforgettable sunset views and stunning views of the city from the lake side. You will be able to make an evening tour on Lake Ontario with dinner and dancing on the ship. You will remember this vacation for many years!

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High limestone cliffs, caves and the largest in the world canyons are just some of the natural wonders of the nature reserve Lake Rockwood. We can enjoy this stunning, typically Canadian scenery, walking along many hiking trails that wind through the park.

This reserve is very popular among the residents of Toronto. Primarily due to the surprisingly beautiful nature and warm lake with a sandy bottom – a favorite place for many families.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to swim In Lake Ontario, as the water does not get warm there all summer long.

Near the lake, there are locker rooms and cafes where you can eat.  There is even the cinema over the lake!

And all this makes the holidays with children in this wonderful place very comfortable and completely safe.

  • Niagara Falls

Latitude and longitude: 43.077611, -79.076637

Time of visiting:  5 hours

Niagara Falls is a famous symbol of Canada!

The road from Toronto to the waterfall takes only 1-1.5 hours by car on the motorway.

This is a fantastic place consisting of 3 waterfalls – Horseshoe Falls, American falls and Bridal Veil falls.

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Since latter 2 waterfalls are located on the American side, the most beautiful view opens from Canada.

The sight of falling water is striking in its power. You can watch the water fall from the waterfront, or go down to the foot of the waterfall.

You can even take a boat, which sails very close to the falls!

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 Observing the local nature is only the 1-st part of our trip. Now let’s take a glance at the city attractions!

After you have conveniently picked up your car rental vehicle at Toronto Airport, set off to any of TOP 10 Toronto places with FREE entry!

Check our infographic to choose the most interesting for you and make your plans!

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