What Does The World Eat For Breakfast?


Breakfast is just the beginning of the day. It’s time to tune in to a good, lucky day, to organize your thoughts and feelings. After all, it is breakfast that is considered the most important meal of the day.

In every country breakfasts can be so different. It is directly related to the national cuisine, traditions and the way of life.

What should be taken into account when composing the breakfast menu? What are the most common breakfasts in the world?

Let’s plunge into the art of breakfast in our infographic!

Brckfst What Does The World Eat For Breakfast?

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  • 1. United States

116 What Does The World Eat For Breakfast?

Americans are known as a very busy and hardworking nation. Sometimes they have only a couple of minutes to have a breakfast before rushing to work.

So, usually they choose something fast and nutritious for breakfast. They like to eat pancakes with jam, washing it down with juice. Bacon is also very popular for American breakfast.


  • 2. Australia

26 What Does The World Eat For Breakfast?And what about Australia? Do the Australians also like healthy and nutritious breakfast? Yes, they do!

But of course, the dishes themselves differ a little bit.

They like eating toasts with vegemite, their national dish. It is a thick paste of dark brown color on the basis of yeast extract. No less popular are corn flakes and different juices.

  • 3. Brazil

35 What Does The World Eat For Breakfast?In Brazil people usually eat sandwiches for breakfast considering them quick and appetizing.

And they are right! Sandwiches may be made of quite various ingredients, depending on the taste. For example, ham and cheese are in great request.

Coffee also makes up an essential part of breakfast ceremony in Brazil.

  • 4. United Kingdom

44 What Does The World Eat For Breakfast?The breakfasts in this country are famous for their exquisiteness and health benefits.

For example, the Englishmen prefer tea to coffee or juice.

As for the main dish, they usually eat beans with eggs or sausages.

No less common are salads, among which tomato salads are at the top of the list.

  • 5. Italy

56 What Does The World Eat For Breakfast?Of course, when we take a look at the traditional Italian breakfast and what is now eaten for breakfast in Italy, we will notice a significant difference.

The thing is that frantic pace of life have made the Italians give up their traditional milk soup and find some faster solutions, like bread rolls with jam, along with different fruit or coffee latte.


  • 6. Japan

65 What Does The World Eat For Breakfast?It’s impossible to imagine a Japanese breakfast without a cup of green tea and rice.

But along with them the Japanese like to consume their traditional and healthy miso soup with various ingredients in it, or just many vegetables.



  • 7. Egypt

76 What Does The World Eat For Breakfast?Egyptian cuisine is rich in interesting dishes of beans and vegetables with a variety of spices and herbs.

The food is nourishing, tasty and wholesome.

As a rule the Egyptians prefer ful medames which is made of boiled beans, napped with a sour sauce, spices and herbs.


  • 8. China

86 What Does The World Eat For Breakfast?Chinese culinary traditions are rich and diverse as China itself.

The Chinese like to drink congee for breakfast.

Yes, to drink, and do not eat, because it is very thin and it’s not possible to eat it with a spoon.

Rice porridge with soy milk and vegetable milk produced from soybeans are also very common.


  • 9. India

95 What Does The World Eat For Breakfast?No other country in the world has as many centenarians as in India does.

Maybe the secret lies in traditional cuisine of India, which modern doctors call one of the most healthy and well-thought-out.

Indian breakfast includes dosa, large crispy potato pancakes stuffed with potato, and sambar, Indian thick vegetable soup with beans.

And don’t forget about chutney which is a spicy, appetizing condiment emphasizing the taste of main courses.

  • 10. Mexico

106 What Does The World Eat For Breakfast?Mexican cuisine is rich in spices and sauces.

Salsa is a typical Mexican sauce. Most often, salsa is made ​​from chopped tomato or chili, pepperoni, onions, garlic with black pepper.

Along with tortillas, thin flatbread made ​​from corn or wheat flour, and fried eggs. It is just a perfect breakfast for the whole family.

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