What To Do If Your Flight Is Delayed?


If Your Flight Is Delayed By The Fault Of The Airline

Waiting for the plane at the airport, in your dreams you are already on the hot beach soaking up pleasant sunbeams… Very soon you will be on the board of the airplane which will take you to the world of entertainment and recreation!

But suddenly it was announced that your flight was delayed.

What to do in this case? Where to go?

airport What To Do If Your Flight Is Delayed?

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A flight delay is a common occurrence for many international airlines. But worst of all, most of us do not know what to do when the flight is delayed or canceled.

How to act in such situations? Here you will find useful tips how to behave without panick using your time efficiently.

  • 1. Demand free luggage storage

117 What To Do If Your Flight Is Delayed?The first and the common mistake is panic.

When you see that your flight is delayed, you start to walk around with your heavy luggage not knowing what to do. This is the cause of even worse mood.

One thing you should know is that you have a lot of options while staying at the airport, many of which are unknown to most travelers.

So, just stay calm and search for an airline officer to demand free luggage storage. When you get rid of the heavy suitcases, you’ll be able to spend a couple of hours in some nice café chatting on Skype with your friends.

  • 2. Don’t spend your money on expensive long distance calls

27 What To Do If Your Flight Is Delayed?Very often the first thing we do when the flight is delayed is contacting our family to complain how bad the situation is.

Don’t rush to do so, especially if you are abroad and calling might be so expensive for you.

What to do, if you haven’t taken your laptop, or can’t connect to the wi-fi?

Even in this situation there is a perfect solution, and you won’t need to spend your money on expensive long distance calls. All you need to do is to find the carrier asking him to arrange an opportunity of phone call. Yes, he is obliged to do so, as by law you have the right to make 2 phone calls and send 2 e-mail messages for free.

  • 3. You have a right for a free dinner

3 What To Do If Your Flight Is Delayed?As you may know all the food sold directly at the airport is much more expensive than in the city. But you are too exhausted and too hungry to search for some cheap cafes somewhere in the city.

Don’t get discouraged, as you can get a dinner absolutely for free!

Yes, according to the laws, you have the right to eat for free in the situations like yours, all you need to do is to find the airline officer and ask him about this service.

  • 4. Free accommodation and taxi

45 What To Do If Your Flight Is Delayed?It’s very frustrating when your flight is delayed for more than 6 hours!

You are already so tired and dream of some place to rest a little bit. Just calm down and demand from the airline officer to prepare an accommodation for you. Also, you have the right to get free taxi to both ways. Having taken a nap you will feel much better and won’t be angry anymore.

Don’t forget that your rights are protected by law, and you have a reason to demand the aforementioned services. If you will be refused in them, you are entitled to submit a claim to the court.

Use our tips while travelling around the world. Hope your flights always be in time!

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