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Car rental in Beauvais, FranceBeauvais is a city with two thousand years of history. It is a traditional French medieval town with a Gothic cathedral in the center. It is also famous for its wallpaper manufactory which has more than three centuries. Beauvais was heavily damaged during World War II and then rebuilt. The town is widely known for its imposing Cathedral of Saint-Pierre (XIII-XVI centuries), the church of Saint-Etienne (XVII century), the National “Tapiseri” Gallery of tapestries behind the cathedral and “Departamental” museum dedicated to local art, history and archeology. 


Latest car rental Beauvais booking requests

Pick-up location Reservation dates Car class Car model Price per day Request performed
Beauvais - Flughafen [BVA] 6 days Mini Ford Ka € 9.96 4 years ago
Beauvais - Flughafen [BVA] 7 days Mini Ford Ka $ 13.28 4 years ago
Beauvais - Flughafen [BVA] 4 days Mini Ford Ka € 35.89 4 years ago
Beauvais - Flughafen [BVA] 2 days Mini Ford Ka руб 2027.00 4 years ago
Beauvais - Flughafen [BVA] 3 days Mini Ford Ka руб 2270.50 4 years ago
Beauvais - Flughafen [BVA] 1 day Mini Fiat 500 € 45.68 4 years ago
Creil/nogent Sur Oise 1 day Mini Ford Ka € 60.97 4 years ago
Beauvais - Flughafen [BVA] less than a minute Mini Ford Ka € 31.18 4 years ago
Beauvais - Flughafen [BVA] 7 days Mini Ford Ka € 16.02 4 years ago
Beauvais - Flughafen [BVA] less than a minute Mini Fiat 500 € 71.30 4 years ago
Beauvais - Flughafen [BVA] 2 days Mini Renault Twingo $ 53.72 4 years ago
Beauvais - Flughafen [BVA] 7 days Mini Ford Ka € 13.76 4 years ago
Beauvais - Flughafen [BVA] 7 days Mini Renault Twingo € 29.02 4 years ago
Beauvais - Flughafen [BVA] less than a minute Mini Fiat 500 € 153.20 4 years ago
Beauvais 8 days Mini Fiat 500 € 19.61 4 years ago

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