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Car Rental Japan – Must Know

Minimum age – 18. Foreigners can drive in Japan with an International Driving Permit for a maximum of one year, even if the IDP is valid for a longer period. The speed limit is 40 – 50 km/h in cities and 100 km/h on highways and expressways.

Souvenirs – Geta, Yukata, Tenugui, Maneki neko, hand fans, Wagasa, Furin, Daruma dolls,  chopsticks, Noh mask replicas.

Traditional Food – Donburi, Sushi, Chazuke, Kayu, Soba, Ubon, Somen, Sukiyaki, Chanko Nabe, Hiyayakko, Miso soup, Anko, Yokan, Anmitsu.

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