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Car rental in Mexico!Explore this Spanish speaking country with its fantastic beaches, mountains and deserts! Feel the freedom and the diversity with car rental Mexico – fill in our car hire form!

Car Rental Mexico - Must Know

You must have international driving license and have 21+ years old. Cuota – means paid road, libre - free. Paid roads are multi-band and of good quality. 100 km costs about $ 10. Free roads are one-lane with speed limiters but offer a beautiful scenery. Do not drive on free roads at night to avoid accidents and robberies!

Souvenirs – alebrijes, sombrero, leather, straw, onyx and copper, tequila, rompope, coffee, table napkins, bright rugs, gods figures of obsidian, ancient Aztec ritual knife, hammocks.

Traditional food - corn tortilla stuffed with "tacos", "posoles" meat, tamales, goulash "olla podrida", enchilada, Monte lablano, Vallejo.

Car rental Mexico invites you to visit the cities listed below!