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Car rental in Trinidad and TobagoCar rental Trinidad and Tobago is your perfect option for exploring different great beaches with warm Caribbean waters, pristine and diverse nature, carnivals and festivals!

Car Rental Trinidad and Tobago - Must Know

The country has a left-hand drive. There are frequent traffic jams, especially on the way to Port-of-Spain. Watch for pedestrians, as many of them use to jaywalk. If you drive well you’ll like driving on the local roads, especially at night or early in the morning.

Souvenirs – figurine of pirate ship or frigate, a bottle of rum, coral branches, handmade Indian dolls, products from the shells of sea turtle, carnival colorful costume.

Traditional Food – "Pigeon-pee" spicy soup, "palhun" pancakes, "kallalu" soup, "sans-kosh", "thump-thump", "chip-chip" oysters, "cascadu", "manicu", “lappe”.

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