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Car rental in Exeter, UKExeter is a pretty city in the south-west of England. This is the favorite recreation place for those who are tired of the noise of big cities and want calm and peace. Exeter embodies the common view of the traditional English town. The city has been home to an eventful and interesting history, leaving a wealth of rich sights for visitors. Every building here, preserved up to these days has its own history. And residents are willing to talk endlessly about the past of this magnificent old city!

Latest car rental Exeter booking requests

Pick-up location Reservation dates Car class Car model Price per day Request performed
Exeter - Airport [EXT] 4 days Mini Kia Picanto £ 10.99 6 years ago
Exeter - Airport [EXT] 14 days Mini Kia Picanto £ 10.50 6 years ago
Exeter - Airport [EXT] 3 days Mini Fiat 500 $ 16.37 6 years ago
Exeter - Airport [EXT] 8 days Mini Kia Picanto £ 14.45 6 years ago
Exeter - Airport [EXT] 3 days Mini Fiat 500 £ 10.21 6 years ago
Exeter - Airport [EXT] 4 days Mini Fiat 500 £ 9.38 6 years ago
Exeter - Airport [EXT] 2 days Mini Fiat 500 £ 14.40 6 years ago
Exeter - Airport [EXT] 1 day Mini Fiat 500 £ 79.55 6 years ago
Exeter - Airport [EXT] 6 days Mini Fiat 500 € 10.41 6 years ago
Exeter - Airport [EXT] 1 day Mini Fiat 500 £ 15.25 6 years ago
Exeter - Airport [EXT] 7 days Mini Fiat 500 £ 9.35 6 years ago
Exeter - Airport [EXT] 6 days Mini Fiat 500 £ 9.57 6 years ago
Exeter - Airport [EXT] 1 day Economy Opel Corsa £ 24.10 6 years ago
Exeter - Airport [EXT] 5 days Mini Fiat 500 £ 13.60 6 years ago
Exeter - Airport [EXT] 7 days Mini Kia Picanto £ 10.57 6 years ago

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